How You Can Help

We Need Your Participation And Support!

A small group of elected officials and organizations have been working diligently behind the scenes since August 2007 on these important economic issues. Our efforts are finally gaining momentum, and we have the attention of national leaders who are in a position to help. We need to continue pressing our case, drawing greater attention to our concerns and improving our levees to a standard that securely protects lives, property and our economic base. Our success will come only if we have a wide foundation of local support and active participation in our Alliance. Please consider adding your voice, network of contacts and resources in support of our efforts.

Join the Alliance

The more people we have on board, the better. By joining the Alliance, you are adding to our growing list of business and civic organizations, community leaders and concerned citizens in Southwestern Illinois and the greater St. Louis area that care about the devastating impact FEMA’s actions will have on our future.


Contact your State and Federal Delegation

Whether you live in Illinois, Missouri or other parts of the country where FEMA is pursuing a similar path, letters and calls to delegation members reinforce our message. We need sufficient time and funding to improve the Metro East levees prior to the issuance of FEMA’s new flood insurance maps so that the region can avoid the devastating economic impacts of being officially designated as a SFHA. And make sure you send the same message directly to FEMA. You can reach FEMA Director W. Craig Fugate at 202-646-3923.

Help us in getting the word out

If you are a member of an organization that is continually looking for presentations, please use this sample letter to facilitate a request for a member of our speaker’s bureau as your group’s next speaker. We have several individuals familiar with this issue who are available to give a 15-20 minute presentation upon request. Please help us get the word out by referring us to your affiliated organizations, such as the Kiwanis Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, Rotary, etc.